SST Software To Launch Remote Sensing Under GeoVantage Partnership

SST will offer four-band multispectral imagery for red, green, blue, and near infrared through satellite acquisition and special aircraft mounted cameras.

Published on: Dec 19, 2013

GeoVantage, a Massachusetts-based company that specializes in aerial imagery acquisition, has developed aircraft mounted camera pods along with guidance and acquisition software.

"GeoVantage has been working closely with agronomists and agriculture associations for over a decade," explains Nick Morrow, Director of Operations at GeoVantage. "What we sought was a partner who could merge our imagery with data layers within their agricultural GIS. SST has an established client base that desires imagery services, and they understand how to turn raw data into valuable information that will benefit the farmer. It's an ideal partnership."

Starting in spring 2014, ag service providers using SST Summit will be able to order imagery on demand. After specifying a time window, the imagery will be acquired, processed, and delivered to SST Summit. 

"SST has been involved with the acquisition and testing of multispectral imagery for nearly 20 years," said SST CEO Matt Waits.  "We are glad the time has finally arrived where there is a fully integrated, economically viable solution for utilizing the benefits brought from remote sensing."

In the future, SST plans on integrating the ordering and delivery of imagery products through its Sirrus iPad app as well as offering imagery services integration with other ag software applications through an agX Platform API.