Spanish Program for Dairy Workers

Program is designed to help the Spanish speaking labor force.

Published on: Oct 30, 2007

Alltech, a leader in animal nutrition, has developed the Alltech Dairy Workers Program, a support program for the Spanish speaking labor force with the collaboration of UC Cooperative Extension and the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

The program, which consists of classes about rumen function, health management, and industry challenges and opportunities, proposes to:

- Break the communication barrier.

- Build workers' knowledge.

- Increase workers' performance on the dairy.

- Create an active learning environment.

California is known for its ethnic diversity and the vast presence of Latino workers in the region. The California agricultural labor market is characterized by an almost 95% foreign-born, mostly Hispanic, workforce, according to The Measure of California Agriculture, UC Davis 2000, which presents challenges to the dairymen. With this in mind, Alltech observed a great need for ways to minimize the language and cultural barriers between dairymen and their farm workers.

Through the Dairy Workers program, over 100 workers from dairy operations across the state are receiving training on important milking procedures and increasing their knowledge about cow health and nutrition.

Pedro Caramona, Alltech's Regional Sales manager, Dr. Diego Vallejo, U.C. Davis Dairy Clinician, and Dr. Alejandro Castillo, Dairy Farm Advisor for the Department of Animal Science UC Davis Cooperative Extension have all presented the materials and helped develop the program content.

Local dairy producers, herdsman and consultants were also relied on, with the goal of making the program a good fit to the marketplace.

"Programs such as the Alltech Dairy Workers Program create effective communication and to introduce the concept of team work helps create a motivated work force, which leads to the success of dairy operations," says Caramona.

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