Soybean Rust in Northwest Tennessee

Gibson County latest find of disease.

Published on: Oct 10, 2007

It's late in the season, but Asian soybean rust continues to be found on soybeans.
The latest find came on Oct. 8 in the northwest Tennessee county of Gibson on Oct. 8.
In 2007, rust has been reported in 16 states in 170 counties.

The states include:

Alabama, 18 counties, 13 on soybeans.
Arkansas, 33 counties, all soybeans.
Florida, 16 counties, eight on soybeans.
Georgia, 14 counties, 10 on soybeans.
Illinois, one county.
Iowa, one county.
Kansas, four counties.
Kentucky, two counties.
Louisiana, 15 counties, 14 on soybeans.
Mississippi, 15 counties, 12 on soybeans.
Missour, four counties.
Nebraska, two counties.
Oklahoma, 11 counties.
South Carolina, seven counties.
Tennessee, one county.
Texas, 26 counties, 25 on soybeans.