Soybean Rust Crops Up In North Carolina Soybeans

Within striking distance of virtually all Ca-Va soybean production areas but may be too late to cause significant damage.

Published on: Sep 18, 2006

Soybean rust has been found for the first time in North Carolina in 2006, according to a Thurs., Sept. 14, joint report from N.C. State University plant pathologist Steve Koenning and NCSU Extension soybean specialist Jim Dunphy.

The plant disease has been identified on infected leaves from a sample taken in Tabor City on Sept. 13 and also on plants in a sentinel plot in Columbus County, N.C. on Sept. 14.

The soybean experts say the good news is that much of the N.C. soybean crop is beyond the stage when the disease can cause significant economic losses. They recommend spraying soybeans within 100 miles of the discovery site, however, if the soybeans have small pods or small seeds in the pods.

Once soybeans are fully mature, the disease does not significantly damage yields.

For information on the progress of the disease in North Carolina and across the country, visit the North American Plant Disease Forecast Center on the Internet at