Soybean Growers Donate Value of an Acre to Nourish Children

Two Michigan growers are part of World Soy Foundation Acre Challenge.

Published on: Jul 13, 2009
Michigan soybean growers Andy Welden of Jonesville and James Wilson of Yale are ensuring the powerful nutrition in soybeans is put to work in today's world where nearly one in seven people is malnourished. These soybean growers have contributed the value of an acre of their soybeans to the World Soy Foundation Acre Challenge that supports programs to nourish children with high-protein soy.

Nationwide, more than 130 soybean farmers have committed to the World Soy Foundation's Acre Challenge.  The World Soy Foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization that can take the value of one acre of soybeans to offer approximately 18,000 rations of soy protein to children and adults in locations ranging from Africa to Latin America to Asia.

"We deeply appreciate the generosity of these farmers who are making the Acre Challenge a success, and therefore, making an enormous long-term difference in children's lives by adding nutritious soy protein to their diets," says Jim Hershey, World Soy Foundation executive director. "Farmer support is also vital to the World Soy Foundation's work to partner with industry, hunger and development groups, Rotarians and more

Cargill, Monsanto and WhiteWave Foods are just three of the allied industry that join forces with the World Soy Foundation.

In Central America, Cargill is supporting several projects in Honduras through a grant to the World Soy Foundation. The projects include efforts to improve the nutrition of Honduran infants and children as well as developing microenterprise opportunities for Honduran families living with HIV/AIDS.

Hundreds of children in South Africa have better diets today thanks to the World Soy Foundation's activities supported by the Monsanto-Fund that helped launch a youth cooperative to produce and sell soy milk. The cooperative now gives soy milk to 10 daycare centers in the area, providing important nutrition to approximately 500 children.

WhiteWave Foods continues to help the World Soy Foundation introduce soydairy technology around the world. With the support of WhiteWave through the World Soy Foundation, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency piloted a school feeding project in Ghana. Offering nutritious soyfoods prompted school enrollment increase by 33% and average school attendance by 20%.

Michigan soybean growers and their peers across the nation were instrumental in creation of the World Soy Foundation. The World Soy Foundation works with private voluntary and non-governmental organizations to deliver soy protein and nutrition education to people who need it around the world. Projects sponsored by the World Soy Foundation include complementary foods for children 6-36 months, school feeding programs and nutrition assessment and research services.

To join the fight against hunger and malnutrition with soy and the Acre Challenge, visit or send checks to: Acre Challenge, World Soy Foundation, 12125 Woodcrest Executive Drive, Suite 100, St. Louis, MO 63141