Sorghum Producers: Vote!

A referendum on the continuation of the Sorghum Checkoff Program is underway.

Published on: Feb 9, 2011

It's not even 1%, but it's a sorghum producer's two cents.

USDA started the Sorghum Checkoff Program referendum Feb. 1 and will close the books on Feb. 28. Voting is at local Farm Service Agency offices for producers and the Agricultural Marketing Service office, referenced below, for importers. Ballots may be obtained in person, by mail or facsimile at county FSA offices, or via the Internet at

Any eligible person engaged in the production of importation of sorghum from July 1, 2008, to Dec.31, 2010, can vote. Individuals are required to provide documentation such as a sales receipt or remittance form that shows they engaged in the production or importation of sorghum.

The Sorghum Checkoff Program is funded at the rate of 0.6% of the net market value on grain sorghum and 0.35% of the net market value of sorghum forage.

Sorghum Checkoff is a national, coordinated, self-help marketing program designed to strengthen the position of sorghum in the market place, maintain and expand existing domestic and foreign markets and uses for sorghum, and develop new markets and uses for sorghum.

For the program to continue, a simple majority must approve the measure.

For more information, contact Kenneth R. Payne, Chief, Marketing Programs, Livestock and Seed Program, AMS, USDA, Room 2628-S, STOP 0251, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20250-0251; by calling (202) 720-1115; or faxing (202) 720-1125.