Senate Legislation Expands Biodiesel Education Program

The Biodiesel Education Program gets $1 million per year now, and the new bill would double that.

Published on: Jul 20, 2007

A federal biodiesel promotion program could get twice the funding in the next farm bill. The Biodiesel Education Program, which USDA carries out with $1 million funding from the 2002 Farm Bill, would get $2 million in the next farm bill through legislation introduced in the Senate.

Senators Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., and Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, introduced the "Biodiesel Education and Expansion Act of 2007," which would double the program's funding and extend it for five more years.

The American Soybean Association applauds the legislation. "Soybean growers value the Biodiesel Education Program because it builds an important bridge between the farmers who grow soybeans used to make biodiesel and the people who use it. Senators Klobuchar and Crapo's legislation will greatly help America grow its use of biodiesel," says ASA President John Hoffman.

House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson's, D-Min., Farm Bill reauthorization proposal includes the Biodiesel Education Program and increases funding to $2 million per year, contingent on offset funds being identified. Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, has indicated his support for reauthorizing the Biodiesel Education Program in the Farm Bill.