SDS Resistant Soybean Variety List Available

Resistant soybean varieties are the foundation farmers need when putting together a management program to fight sudden death syndrome. A new ISU Extension publication lists over 300 varieties resistant to SDS, a yield robbing disease that hit hard in 2010.

Published on: Jan 8, 2011

Planting resistant soybean varieties is an important part of soybean pest management and should be the first consideration when you put together a plant to manage sudden death syndrome. This yield-robbing soybean disease struck hard in many Iowa fields in 2010.

 A new publication, Sudden Death Syndrome-Resistant Soybean Varieties for Iowa - PM 3009, has been produced by Iowa State University Extension and the Iowa Soybean Association. The publication, now available to the public, lists over 300 soybean varieties resistant to SDS in soybean maturity groups I, II and III.

The information on the soybean varieties listed in the publication is submitted by seed companies. These varieties are included in the top several categories of SDS-resistant varieties available from the companies. The publication is available as a downloadable PDF from the ISU Extension Online Store. It's also available from the ICM News homepage and the Iowa Soybean Association's Production Research Library

Iowa soybean production information is now expanded

The ISA's production research online library includes other publications that contain information that can help Iowa farmers increase soybean yield. For example, the 2010 Evaluation of Soybean Varieties Resistant to Soybean Cyst Nematode in Iowa, as well as the Soybean Aphid Report of Insecticide Evaluation.  In addition, the ISU online library features numerous other popular titles, including many in electronic formats such as video and podcasts with smartphone capability.

The recently revised site can be accessed by going to and clicking on the "Production Research" tab, then "Publications."

"This website has easy-to-read information generated by soybean-checkoff funded research in the past decade and is a valuable resource for farmers, as well as crop specialists," says David Wright, director of contract research for ISA. "With the site's new interactive format, it is easier than ever to navigate and find the specific information you need."

All of the soybean publications can be downloaded and printed

Publication titles are arranged in convenient groups. One section highlights all the newest publications together, but, in addition, all titles are presented in groups under topic tabs, such as "Soybean Aphids" or "Soybean Cyst Nematodes." The publications vary from one-page fact sheets to comprehensive reference manuals. A few examples:

• The recently released 40-page "Soybean Diseases" book is useful for identifying, understanding and managing common foliar, stem and root diseases of soybeans. It features full-color photos, along with a detailed description of disease symptoms and management information.

• The 108-page "Weed Identification Field Guide" is the fourth and latest in a series of handy pocket guides produced by ISA and ISU. It is likely the most comprehensive book of its kind, filled with full-color photos that help identify weeds and help you manage them.

• The "Sudden Death Syndrome" fact sheet is one in a series of convenient fact sheets published by ISA. It provides succinct information to help farmers identify SDS, understand its impact and put the best management practices to use.

The new website also includes a subscription form for anyone who is interested in receiving advance notice of new publications via a quick and secure email notification. To learn more, go to