SD Set Corn Sets Record

Production tops 719 million bushel, up from old record of 585 million bushels set in 2008.

Published on: Jan 21, 2010
South Dakota's corn production broke a record again – 719 million bushels of corn were harvested in 2009, up 23% from the old mark of 585.2 million bushels in 2008.

"Unbelievable results from an unbelievable year! We knew a tremendous crop was in the fields but no one could have fully predicted what the combined total would reach," says David Fremark, president of the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council. "Famers' commitment to feeding the world has just been confirmed."

The crop set a record, even though 7% of it is still in the field.

Corn production set a national record, too.

The size of the 2009 crop eases concerns that the U.S. can't produce enough corn to adequately supply ethanol, livestock and human food markets.

"I guess you can say we will have our corn … and feed-eat-and fuel with it too," Fremark says.

Source: SD Corn Growers Association