Sandhills Cattle Association Convention Set for May 24

Speakers cover gamut of ranch, family life topics.

Published on: May 16, 2007

The 68th annual Sandhills Cattle Association Convention will be held at the Cherry County Fairgrounds in Valentine, Thursday, May 24.

Speakers scheduled will address several key issues, including conservation easements and maintaining good relationships when families work together. Other activities include an industry trade show with more than 70 exhibits, the SCA's annual meeting, election of officers, scholarship awards and a benefit auction.

The first speaker will be Dave Sands presenting "Conservation Easements: A Private Path to Permanent Protection." Sands is executive director of the Nebraska Land Trust, an organization dedicated to the protection of agricultural and historical land and the natural resources of Nebraska. Tanya Storer and Sherry Vinton will express their views on easements during their presentation, "Cowboy Logic: Questions Concerning Conservation Easements." Both Storer and Vinton and their families ranch near Whitman. They are concerned about plans that they claim would change private property rights.

Connee Quinn is a frequent speaker at many agricultural meetings and events because of her passion for the beef industry as well as her practical and technical knowledge. She and her husband, Reuben, operate a ranch north of Chadron. Her talk will focus on "Your Calf is Someone Else's Investment."

Featured speaker after lunch is Jolene Brown, who spoke at the SCA convention four years ago. Her presentation is "Lions & Tigers & Family, Oh My! Pitfalls & Snares that Break Up a Family & Business."
Brown also will end the day with "It's a Jungle Out There - Blazing New Trails for Agriculture." "With environmental regulations, animal welfare issues, traceability, labor concerns, food safety questions, global markets and more, the pace, the people, the process and the products of agriculture have all changed and it's time to blaze a new trail," she says.

For more information or to register, contact the Sandhills Cattle Association office at 1-800-658-0551 or 402-376-2310 or go to