Rural Area Flood Checklists

Site provides long list of advice on fighting, surviving and recovering from '08 flood.

Published on: Mar 23, 2009

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There are checklists for everything from planning, fighting and recovering from the flood from NDSU, University of Minnesota and Iowa State University.

Topics include:

Before the Flood

Steps to Reduce Flood and Water Damage HTML PDF
Sandbagging for Flood Protection HTML PDF
Sump Pump Questions HTML PDF
Avoiding Groundwater Damage to Homes
Preventing Snow Melt Water Problems
Reduce Flooding from Drains
Septic Systems and Flooding
Flooding, Excess Rain and Basements
Basements May Flood if Drainage is Poor (Iowa State)

After the Flood

Dry Out Before Rebuilding HTML PDF
Cleaning and Repairing Flooded Basements
Flood-Damaged Walls, Ceilings and Floors
Drying and Repairing Walls
Walls Need Special Care After Flood Damage (Iowa State)
Assessing and Repairing Leaky Roofs
Flooded Private Sewage Systems
How To Make Temporary Structural Repairs
Electrical Systems and Appliances
Restoring Heating Systems After a Flood
Electric Units Require Care After Flood (Iowa State)
Recondition Lights In Flooded Homes (Iowa State)
Flood-Damaged Furniture and Appliances
Books Require Special Care After Flood (Iowa State)
Discard Waterlogged Toys (Iowa State)
Controlling Insects After Flooding
Rodent and Snake Control After a Flood
Rodents After A Storm Or Flood
Snakes After the Storm or Flood
Advise Poisoning Flood-Displaced Rats (Iowa State)
Molds in Your Home HTML PDF
After The Flood...Dry Things Out to Avoid Mildew
Repairing Your Flooded Home (American Red Cross)
Flood Cleanup (Environmental Protection Agency)
Indoor Air Quality


Safe Handling of Food and Utensils After a Disaster
Preparing Food During a Power Failure
Safety of Frozen Foods After a Power Failure
How to Check Flood-Damaged Food (Iowa State)
Handling Food When the Power Goes Off
Salvaging Food After a Flood
Handling Food Through Floods
Play It Safe with Food
How to Cook When the Power Goes Off
Avoid Risk Of Flood-Contaminated Food (Iowa State)
Is Home-Frozen Food Safe to Use?
Cleaning and Disinfecting
Cleaning Your Flooded or Water-Damaged Home
Use Shock Chlorination to Disinfect Contaminated Wells (University of Missouri)
Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home After the Flood HTML PDF
Cleaning and Disinfecting Textiles After the Flood
Home Clean-up and Sanitation
Flood-Soaked Bedding Needs Sanitation (Iowa State)
Cleaning Flood-Soiled Clothing and Bedding
Cleaning Carpets and Floors
Cleaning Flood-Damaged Carpets and Rugs
Cleaning Flooded Wood Floor and Woodwork (Iowa State)
Clean Flooded Heating System Before Use (Iowa State)
Leave Cleaning Motors to Specialists (Iowa State)
Disinfecting Hard Household Surfaces After the Flood
Cleaning Washable Accent or Throw Rugs (Iowa State)
How To Clean and Disinfect Textiles (Kansas State)
Disinfecting Dishes, Cookware and Utensils

Insurance and Fraud

Beware of Fraud in Disaster-struck Areas (University of Illinois)
Repairing Your Home (Federal Trade Commission)
Home Insurance Tips After a Disaster (University of Illinois)
Filing Insurance Claims
What To Do When Your Income Drops
Caring for Important Papers
National Flood Insurance Program (FEMA)
What You Need to Know about Federal Disaster Assistance (FEMA)
Am I Eligible for Disaster Assistance? How do I apply? (FEMA)

Family Information

Dealing with Stress after a Disaster
A Flood of Emotions
Beyond The Flood - A Prevention Guide for Personal Health and Safety
When Crisis Becomes Chronic
Providing Emotional Support -- Helping The Helpers
There's More To Flood-Related Problems Than Money (University of Minnesota)
North Dakota Support Network Directory
Flood Preparedness and Response


Helping Children Deal with Stress and Anger Lesson Plan
Lesson Guide: Helping Children Deal with Stress and Anger
Understanding How Children Respond to Stress and Anger
Ideas for Helping Kids Deal with Stress
The RETHINK Method of Managing Anger
Family Stress Discussion Exercise
Lesson Review and Program Evaluation
How Am I? A Booklet about Stress for Kids PDF
Talking to Children about Tough Times
Helping Your Child Cope With Disaster HTML PDF
Helping Children Through the Flood
Children May Experience Long-term Effects of Disaster

Farm and Ranch

Preparing to Evacuate Your Farm
Sandbagging for Flood Protection
Standby Electric Generators
Flooded Farm Vehicles and Equipment
Reconditioning Flooded Farm Implements (Iowa State)
Leave Cleaning Motors to Specialists (Iowa State)


Assess Flooded Crops Carefully
Pesticide Storage Concerns During a Flood
Salvaging Crops after Flooding
Salvaging Stored Wet Feed and Grain
Tips for Handling Flooded Soils
Reclaiming Flooded Land with Tillage (Kansas State)
Weed Management After a Flood
Save Flood-Damaged Grain (Iowa State)
Flooded Pesticides


Maintaining Livestock Health After a Flood
Protecting Livestock During a Flood
Using Flood-Damaged Grain (Iowa State)
Don't Ignore Flood-Damaged Hay (Iowa State)

Additional Resources

Flood Information in Languages other than English
Extension Disaster Education Network
RiverWatch (Prairie Public Broadcasting)
Fargo Flood
N.D. Agricultural Weather Network
NOAA Weather
Flood and Flash Flood (American Red Cross)
Disaster Resouces (University of Illinois)
Flood Information (FEMA)