Risk Management Projects Funded in Western States

Projects focus on providing farm risk management tools.

Published on: Nov 5, 2013

Washington State University's Western Center for Risk Management Education announces 2013 project funding in 10 states in the West.

The projects address production, marketing, financial, legal and human risks in the agricultural industry.

They articulate the primary  sources of risk faced by each target audience in selected states, and have identified a set of risk management results to address these risks.

Audiences served through the latest round or projects approved include the following:

  • Whole ranch planning in Colorado
  • Meat producers in Nevada and California
  • Cattle producers in Washington
  • Grain producers in Washington and Idaho
  • Dairy and cow/calf producers in Utah
  • Small and beginning farmers in Colorado
  • Annie's Project in Wyoming
  • Women farmers and ranchers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho
  • Producers interested in agritourism in California
  • Native American Navajo livestock, wool and forage produces in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah
  • Refugee farmers in Arizona

Each project incorporates an array of established risk management tools and/or will develop new tools, resources and services to effectively improve farmer and rancher profitability.

The latest Washington Risk Management grant programs includes a Utah dairy and cow project.
The latest Washington Risk Management grant programs includes a Utah dairy and cow project.

The 2014 project period to submit proposals is already beginning, with the announcement of the official program filed at the beginning of this month.

Closing date for pre-proposal submissions is Dec. 12, 2013, and finalists will be selected to submit a full proposal by Jan 31,2014.

Closing date for a full proposal submission will be Feb. 27,2014, and award decisions will be announced on May 1.

WSU's Western Center for Risk Management Education is one of five such USDA centers serving agricultural producers through the targeted risk management education program.

For more information on the grants, go to http://westrme.wsu.edu/grants-program/.

Once on the home page of this cite, click on "Competitive Grants Program."

The risk management program is part of USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture program.