Rep. King Continues Fight For Farm Bill Amendment

Rep. Steve King steps up defense of interstate commerce amendment as HSUS pushes ad campaign

Published on: Nov 13, 2013

Until conferees make a final decision on the 2013 Farm Bill, the Humane Society of the United States is keeping its thumb on an amendment offered by Rep. Steve King that it claims would "nullify state agricultural laws."

The Republican from Iowa offered the amendment, known as the Protect Interstate Commerce Amendment, for inclusion in the House farm bill last year, and again this summer. Approved by voice vote in committee, the amendment could prevent states from enacting laws that place conditions on how agricultural goods are raised or grown within the state's borders for sale in other states.

Rep. Steve King says PICA amendment keeps one state from regulating commerce in the other 49. (King photo)
Rep. Steve King says PICA amendment keeps one state from regulating commerce in the other 49. (King photo)

That could be especially important for California's egg industry, which abides by California laws that require that all egg-laying hens be housed in larger cages by 2015. The state's laws further require that all eggs sold in the state must be produced by farms that adhere to California's cage standards.

If the provision is included in the farm bill, however, California's ability to regulate what condition eggs sold in the state are produced under could be limited.

In a Nov. 12 interview with the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, King explains that the provision is a way to clarify and restore the commerce clause of the Constitution. Using California's laws as an example, he notes that allowing states to mandate certain conditions for out-of-state production has a ripple effect.

"California's free to regulate producers, to over-regulate them, but no state should have the authority to regulate the other 49 states," King says.

Aside from the egg industry, other special interest groups have raised concerns about the production and regulation of tobacco products, labeling of farm-grown fish and the sale of raw milk, all of which could be affected if the provision is approved in the 2013 farm bill.