Record Yields Forecast for N.C. Cotton, Soybeans

Nationally, cotton production continues to slide.

Published on: Nov 24, 2009
Nationally, soybean production is forecast to be a record 3.32 billion bushels in 2009. That, according to the latest Crop Production report released Nov. 10 by the National Agricultural Statistics Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is up 2% over the October forecast and is an increase of 12% over 2008 production.

Yields are expected to average 43.3 bu. per acre nationwide, the report says, up 0.9 bu. from the October forecast. The yield is forecast to be 3.6 bu. more per acre than the yields of 2008. If realized, this will be the highest U.S. soybean yield on record.

The forecasted yield will set some state records as well. North Carolina is forecast in the report to tie the state's previous record high for soybeans.

North Carolina cotton is forecast to set a record high yield in 2009, as well. Upland growers in Georgia and Oklahoma are also forecast to produce record yields but cotton yield in the Delta region is forecasted to decrease as a result of wet weather. Wet, cool weather is negatively effecting Texas production, too.

All cotton production is forecast at 12.5 million bales nationally, down 4% from October forecasts and down 2% from 2008.

Corn production is forecast at 12.9 billion bushels in 2009. That is down 1% from last month but 7% higher than in 2008.

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