Prowl H2O Approved for California

State tree nut and citrus growers have a new option in weed control.

Published on: Oct 13, 2006

This state registration follows the recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval of new food tolerances for pendimethalin, the active ingredient in Prowl H2O. As a result, a variety of new crops have been added to the herbicide label in California, including tree nuts (such as almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios and walnuts), citrus fruit (such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, lemons and limes), spearmint and peppermint.

"Prowl H2O is an extremely effective pre-emergent residual herbicide that controls a wide range of grass and broadleaf weeds in 88 crops," says Neil Bentley, Prowl H2O Market Manager with BASF.

"This approval comes as welcome news for producers of citrus and nuts, some of California's top agricultural crops," adds Nader Mahmoud, Trees, Nuts and Vines Market Manager with BASF. "Producers need a strong solution to their weed management issues and Prowl H2O offers and excellent component for residual weed control in these new crops."

The innovative formulation maximizes herbicide availability for residual weed control through superior surface stability and reduced binding to field residue. Its technology improves pendimethalin performance and handling. As a result, Prowl H2O is ideally suited for the citrus grower looking for long-lasting, dependable, broad-spectrum weed control.

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