Progress City Looks Like a Landscaper's Showcase

Site prep continues, as the Farm Progress Show nears.

Published on: Aug 12, 2009

If you're a landscaper in the Decatur area, you're probably convinced the recession is over.

As Farm Progress Show preparations continue, landscapers from all over Central Illinois are laying block, mulching, grading, etc. Take one look at the delivery staging area, which includes several massive piles of mulch, and you realize they're not even halfway done. Plus, the flowers and other plants, which spruce up the exhibit space, have yet to arrive.

Tents continue to pop up across the show grounds. Monsanto now has all four of its tents up. This week, work continued on the "golden acre" and the air conditioning units were prepped for show time.

Rick Wild, Monsanto's field supervisor for the show, says 30 large A/C units will be used for the show, plus a few extra stand-alone units. This all adds up to 50 tons of cold air when you walk in the front door.

Adjacent to the staging area for the landscape products is the loading dock. In the coming weeks, it will be fun to watch the massive farm equipment move into position for the big show.

 Bob Graden, with Midwest Concrete, preps the rebar lattice work, which will provide a firm base for Monsanto's signage.

A Lafayette Tent and Awning crew pounds massive tent stakes into the ground with a compressed-air hammer.

Travis Wuethrick, with FBi Buildings, removes worn sheet-metal siding. The crew also added shelving to the interior of the building.

Josh Ferris, with Rainey Nursery, lays block outside of ADM's exhibit.

Mark Rieger, with Sioux Steel, digs holes for a Pro-Tec hoop building, which will go up adjacent to the company's grain bin.

There are several large piles of mulch outside the show fence, waiting to be delivered to exhibitors. This is one of the smaller ones.