President Proclaims National Farm Safety and Health Week

Agriculture saluted and participation urged in safety programs.

Published on: Sep 22, 2009

President Barack Obama has proclaimed September 20 through September 26, as National Farm Safety and Health Week. In doing so the President called upon the people of the United States to join him in celebrating the vital contributions of farmers and ranchers to our Nation and in reflecting upon the importance of farm safety and health in communities across America.


The proclamation continues: "As the fall harvest season approaches, I encourage farm and ranch families and workers to participate in farm safety and health programs. I also encourage them to follow optimal farm safety and health practices. Businesses and communities, and organizations and neighbors, can encourage one another to understand the risks of this work so that we can prevent accidents, prevent exposure to potential hazards, and save lives."


The proclamation went on to say that the nation's prosperity has been built on the skill and productivity of farmers and ranchers. Those in the agricultural sector provide food, fiber, biofuels, and many other life necessities for millions across the nation and around the world. The hard work and talent of those in the agricultural industry, and continued advances in technology and efficiency, have provided great security to the United States.