President Bush Touts Platform

Farm Progress Show is stop along the way to New York promoting his 'get the job done' program. Willie Vogt

Published on: Aug 31, 2004

For part of the first day, the Farm Progress Show became a stop for President Bush to talk politics and promote why he's the right choice for the next four years. "We have more to do to make America safer and with your help we can," Bush told the crowd that took part in the Republican rally.

Bush hit the hot buttons for the crowd as he talked about keeping taxes under control and supporting personal ownership and responsibility. The President stuck to messages he's delivered before to the Hawkeye State sharing his support of ethanol, biodiesel and an end to inheritance taxes. "I believe in ethanol and I believe in biodiesel," he emphasized.

The Bush-friendly crowd of about 13,000 cheered on the President as he made the key points, and gave him some feedback as he shared the ideas he'll deliver at the Republican National Convention Thursday night. Sticking to the theme of getting another four years to finish the job the administration has started, he also talked about the importance of personal responsibility, including the responsibility to vote.

Bush didn't pass up the chance to needle the Kerry-Edwards campaign noting that Kerry has "finally come to support" the effort in Iraq, "but he still has 60 days to change his mind," the president noted.

As he talked about that convention speech he'll deliver Thursday, Bush notes that he's in support of personal ownership and property rights. That ownership extends to healthcare savings accounts - recently signed into law. And he notes that Social Security is sound for Baby Boomers, but "we have to take care of the next generation," he notes.

From Alleman, Iowa, Bush was headed for Pennsylvania for one final stump speech before returning to Washington.