Post-Patent Insecticides Get DPR Approval

Bifenthrin-based products labeled in formulations to reduce volatile organic compound emissions.

Published on: Sep 22, 2006

United Phosphorus, Inc., (UPI) has received California Department of Pesticide Regulation approval for use of UP-Star Gold Granular Insecticide and UP-Star Nursery Granular Insecticide. Both contain bifenthrin, the same active ingredient as the previously registered UP-Star SC and UP-Star Gold Nursery Insecticide/Miticide.

UP-Star Nursery Granular Insecticide is designed for use on balled and containerized nursery stock, including ornamental trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, herbs and non-bearing fruit and nut trees and bushes, as a quarantine treatment against imported fire ants. UP-Star Nursery Granular is approved under the USDA Plant Protection Imported Fire Ant Quarantine Certification program when used in accordance with USDA guidelines.

UP-Star Nursery Granular Insecticide also may be used on ornamental plants outside the scope of USDA guidelines to control fungus gnat larvae, mealybugs, black vine weevil, root weevil larvae and white grubs.

"The approval of these economical granular UP-Star products is another example of our dedication to helping California operators improve their bottom line," says Jeff Allison, Director of Specialty Markets for UPI. "In addition, these formulations offer a non-volatile product alternative to help California users reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, as required by the State of California."

UP-Star Gold Granular Insecticide is for use by commercial applicators on lawns and in landscaped areas and perimeters around residential, institutional, public, commercial and industrial buildings as well as parks, recreational areas and athletic fields. It is labeled for control of ants (including imported fire ants), mole crickets and other insect pests.

Other product line includes Acephate 97UP Insecticide, Devrinol Ornamental Selective Herbicide, Tengard Insecticide, UP-Cyde Pro Insecticide, and Surflan AS and WDG Specialty Herbicides.

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