Pork Exports Retreat While Beef Continues Upward Trend

September export numbers chart similar path as months before

Published on: Nov 19, 2013

Canada remains a strong market for U.S. beef, second in value and third in volume for the year at 133,776 metric tons valued at $912.9 million.

Other key beef export markets for 2013 include Hong Kong, which was up 96% in volume and 137% in value; and South Korea, which was down 19% in volume and 2% in value.

The Middle East, though down 3% in volume and 18% in value for the year, is also a notable beef market, along with Central/South America, which was up 24% in volume and 15% in value led by strong growth to Peru, Chile and Colombia. Taiwan was up 135% in volume and 195% in value.

Top pork markets

Mexico remains the top volume market for U.S. pork in 2013, with volume up 1% to 446,827 metric tons valued at $849.8 million, a 4% increase. Japan is the No. 1 value market at $1.4 billion, a 6% decline year-over-year, while volume is down 8% to 317,710 metric tons.

Boosted by a strong September, exports to China/Hong Kong were even in volume and up 6% in value.

Other key pork export markets for 2013 include Canada, which was down 1% in volume but up 1% in value; and Central/South America, which was up 32% in volume and 29% in value, led by strong growth to Colombia, Honduras and Chile.

Lamb exports mixed

Lamb exports remained mixed, off 3% in volume for the year but up 10% in value. For September, two of the top three markets – Mexico and Canada – declined in double digits while the Caribbean was up in double digits. During the month, total lamb exports were 764 metric tons (down over 42%) valued at $1.9 million (down more than 17%).

Source: USMEF