Pint-sized Powermakers Add Up to Farm Muscle

Compact tractors work as an affordable alternative for many.

Published on: Apr 20, 2010

As farms have diversified in function and size, so have tractor makers’ offerings. Virtually every maker now offers these pint-sized power trains, from lawn-maintenance size to those that are landscaping capable.

Nearly everyone who has a place to park a small farm and garden tractor has a use for one. Some buyers will use these for corralling horse-farm chores; others for moving hay bales out to complaining cattle. Where there is a use, there’s a way – and these small tractors will make that way easier.

Exhibits including these small-sized tractors were popular with shoppers at the Southern Farm Show, Feb. 5-7, at the N.C. State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, N.C. Attendees were interested in accessories and attachments for these wonders, too. Here are just a few of the many models that were shown at the farm show.

SMALL BUT POWERFUL Farmall tractors have a long and distinguished history– in fact, their original small tractors became an iconic symbol for American tractors. Case IH now has one of the widest selection of small tractors available by any manufacture and in 2010 they have brought back a modern Farmall A series as part of that selection. Farmall A Series models range from the 45A with 45 gross horsepower (39 pto hp), the 55A with 55 gross hp (47 pto hp), the 65A, 65 gross hp (57 pto hp) and the 75A with 75 gross hp (66 pto hp). The company says this series been designed as “no nonsense machines with a simple mechanical transmission and dependable, fuel-efficient engines. Rugged, reliable, and easy to operate, they offer plenty of power and hydraulics for loading blading, tilling and mowing.” They also offer a full-line of attachments.

Case makes compact Farmall tractors with as little as 31 gross hp but the company’s wide range of tractors go all the way up to their Steiger 535 model with, you guessed it, 535 gross hp.

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BANG FOR THE BUCK Mahindra USA says its goal is to give you a quality-built tractor with the biggest bang for the buck. The company’s 16 Series, like the 2816 pictured, are 4-wheel drive workhorses, ranging from 18-33 horsepower. Engines are four-stroke, indirect injection, water-cooled diesels. This series is designed for light-to-medium duty applications and have a high lift capacity in order to handle larger implements. Heavier chassis provide extra weight and better traction. Gauges are designed to be easy to read. HST models have infinite speed automatic transmissions. Many models have a handy toolbox behind the driver. Most models in this series include hydrostatic power, wet disc brakes and heavy-duty 3-point hitches.

Available attachments, depending on the model, include loaders, backhoes, mowers and snow blowers.

Overall, the company offers over 57 different models of tractors with up to 83 hp. For more information call (281) 449-7771 or visit on the Internet.

THE RIGHT STUFF LS Tractor USA LLC, located in Battleboro, N.C., advertises the company is aiming for the perfect combination and agility that makes their compact “4-wheel drive tractors with hydrostatic transmissions perfect for home and estate honors, small acreage hobby farmers, horse farmers and light commercial users. They make two versions of their newest J-Series compacts, the J2020H and the J2030H. The J2020H has 23 gross engine hp while the J2030H bumps that up to 27 hp. The 4-stroke, three cylinder engines are made by Mitsubishi. The engines are water-cooled and have indirect injection. Brakes are wet, multi-disc types and the three-point hitches have a lifting capacity of 1,433 pounds at the hitch points.

LS also makes two tractors in the Value Compact Series, the S3010 and the C3030, both with 28.5 gross hp engines, eight models in the Premier Compact Series ranging from 28.5 gross hp to 47 gross hp, a Utility Series with four models from 47 to 57 gross hp, (two of these are cabin models with premium stereo and CD player), heating and air conditioning

And a Heavy Duty Utility series consisting of three models with 72, 80 and 88 gross hp, respectively. All of these have heating and air conditioning and a deluxe stereo system with CD player. Attachments include mowers, backhoes and front end loaders.

COMBINING LOOKS AND FEATURES The cab-equipped tractor above is closer to being a midrange model of TYM USA’s offerings than a compact. It comes in two flavors, one the company calls the T433 and its sibling, the T433 CAB (above). The engine is a Caterpillar/Perkins 4-cylinder indirect fuel injection type that turns out 42.7 gross hp. The transmission is a sync/shuttle model. It offers wet disc brakes, hydrostatic steering and easy-to-operate instrument gauges.

The Wilson, N.C., headquarters for TYMs North American operations offers 14 tractor models, beginning with its T233 model with a three-cylinder Mitsubishi engine putting out 23 gross hp that features indirect fuel injection. It is well-suited for turf care and nursery work. The T273HST model boosts the gross hp up to 27. A similar model with a heated cab called the T293 boosts the power to 29 gross hp.

The next step up in power has models with 30-40 hp, the T300, T350 and T353/HST. Additional cab and non-cab models take the power up to 100 gross hp, using Perkins or Caterpillar/Perkins powerplants. The company also offers a variety of mower, backhoe and loader attachments.

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CLASS PERFORMANCE The CT Series tractors from McCormick offer “wider ‘class’ coverage with new features in a smaller power class. The CTJ27 model above puts out 27 engine hp but the range of models in this series take the power from 23 hp up to 57 engine hp. Versions of these small tractors include hydrostatic or mechanical transmissions and mechanical hitch control. The company says they combine durability with ergonomic design. Standard features including adjustable steering wheel and cruise control, along with electro-hydraulic PTO, attest to creature comforts and functionality. Attachments include mowers, loaders and backhoes. Additional larger McCormick models in a variety of lines fill the power gaps with offerings from 59 hp to the TTX T3’s 213 engine hp.

An assortment of implements are available, including loaders, backhoes, mowers and more.

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