Oregon Products a Big Christmas Gift Choice this Year

State's ag industry should do well in holiday profits.

Published on: Jan 2, 2014

If do-it-yourself gifts were popular this Christmas, Oregon ag stood a good chance of reaping some holiday profits.

"We are lucky because Oregon has a wide array of wonderful agricultural products that gift makers can work with," says Laura Barton, Oregon Department of Agriculture trade manager.

DIY types of gifts encompass arts, crafts and food items, she explains.

With so many specialty crops produced in the state, there were many fits for the holiday gifts, Barton notes.

As the Christmas tree capital of America, Oregon has many links to yule marketing with poinsettias, peppermint for candy canes, holly and a lot of greenery all originating in the Beaver State.

A gift of Oregon berries is only one of the many gifts that were shared this Christmas to benefit the states farm industry.
A gift of Oregon berries is only one of the many gifts that were shared this Christmas to benefit the state's farm industry.

"You can make things from scratch or you can purchase something somebody else made and add to it with even more Oregon products," she says.

As an example, a Portland bakery makes its own puff pastry using Oregon butter. It would be relatively easy to take the ready-made pastry and fill it with local berries or maybe local artisan cheese, she explains. Other Oregon products such as hazelnuts or pears (with or without partridges) can adorn and decorate wreaths, creating an all-Oregon gift product, she says.

"For someone who likes to garden, you could put together a gift of Oregon vegetable and flower seeds, and creatively package them with a gardening tool," she notes.

Homemade food products are still a big hit for both gift-givers and receivers, Barton adds, explaining that it is no surprise to anyone who has visited Oregon-based retail outlets like Harry and David or Made in Oregon to look over their baskets of fruit, nuts or other products produced in the state, also the location of Pendleton Mills' blankets, throws and apparel.

One of the gift ideas she came up with is a membership in a Community Supported Agriculture effort, a prize that would continue to give produce to participants throughout the new year.