Oregon 2012 Pesticide, Animal Feeding Fines Hit $53,000 Mark

Oregon State University dairy, big name firms hit with heavy fines.

Published on: Apr 26, 2013

Last year, the Oregon Department of Agriculture issued $49,416 in pesticide violation fines, and another $4,360 for infractions under the Confined Animal Feeding Operations code.

Ironically the largest CAFO fine, a $6,920 civil penalty for discharging manure into state waters was filed against a state facility, the Oregon State University Dairy Center in Benton County.

Another large CAFO action, a $4,560 citation for a similar action, was filed against Charlie Eggert of Rock Ridge Farms in Marion County. Similarly, a $4,320 civil penalty for the offense was recorded against Arie and Joel Slegers of Slegers,Inc., in Yamhill County.

CAFO fines were also reported for $2,920 for allowing waste water to escape facilities and enter state waters by Delmer Brink, Rogue River Dairy, Josephine County., and a $2,880 penalty was found against David Lamont of Featherland Farms, Lane County, for failing to apply waste in accordance with proper ag practices by applying manure to standing water and saturated soils, and for failing to implement  an approved animal waste management plan.

Water is monitored by scientists like USDA engineer Andy Knowlton and other for signs of CAFO violations in the West.
Water is monitored by scientists like USDA engineer Andy Knowlton and other for signs of CAFO violations in the West.

Eight other Oregon CAFO actions with fines ranging from $320 to $1,480 were also filed for a variety of violations, mostly against dairies.

ODA additionally took action against five firms under the Agricultural Water Quality Management Program, including a $1,200 fine against Evergreen Agricultural Enterprises, Inc., of Yamhill County for plowing a riparian vegetation property near a farm field.

ODA's largest 2012 fine, an $8,000 civil penalty for applying pesticides in a faulty, careless or negligent manner was enacted against EZ Orchards' Lorenzo Zepeda of Salem, an action under the agency's pesticide program.

In other citations under the pesticide regulations, Alex Lagunas of Klamath Falls was issued a $7,215 civil penalty under similar charges.

A $3,848 fine was charged Michael S. Flood of Hood River, and a $3,256 action was taken against Dennis' 7 Dees Landscaping, Inc., of Portland.

Fines of $2,849 were placed against Asplundh Tree Expert Co. of Tigard; $2,700 on Highlanders Forest LLC of Central Point, and $2,400 against Grass Growers, Inc., of Baker City.

JR Simplot, Boise, Idaho., was issued a $1,998 civil penalty for sale of restricted use pesticides to an improperly licensed individual. The company was also issued a $1,440 penalty for sale of unregistered pesticides.

A dozen other pesticide fines ranging from $320-$888 were also filed by ODA last year under the pesticide regulatory program. Among them, a $360 Home Depot USA, Inc., action for offering for sale pesticide products in broken containers.