Online Film Attempts to Turn Up Heat on Farm Bill Battle

Called 'The Farm Bill Battle' a new online film went live today talking about the differences between 'good food' and 'junk food.'

Published on: Aug 28, 2007

When the farm bill moves to the Senate floor for debate later this year, there will be some diverse opinions at work. A new online film called "The Farm Bill Battle" takes a humorous look at the debate over who gets funded in the bill.

The aim of the producers at Free Range Studios, according to a media release from the company, is to present a serious issue and its solution "in a way that is easy-to-understand and entertaining."

The opening sequence of the film has a man in an apple costume (similar to a famous underwear maker's) asking those "person on the street" questions about the farm bill. Suddenly a person in a snack cake costume (in a familiar shape) steals a copy of the "farm bill" the apple was carrying. The apple-guy says "junk food is running away with the farm bill again." And the chase is on.

Meanwhile the snack cake, a representation of "corporate food interests" yells "it's our farm bill, we paid for it." While humorous, the film raising questions about funding, and where the money for the 2007 Farm Bill will end up. You can check out the film by visiting