Online Database Keeps Corn Growers Aware of Seed Hybrids

Know Before You Grow is a cooperative effort between NCGA and seed companies to keep farmers in the know on biotech seed hybrids.

Published on: Mar 21, 2007

An online tool can help you keep track of the status of biotech corn seed hybrids from more than 75 seed companies. The database, a cooperative effort between the National Corn Growers Association and seed companies called Know Before You Grow, currently contains approval status for export of over 4,800 seed hybrids.

"The Know Before You Grow database allows growers to check the status of hybrids before planting," says Martin Barbre, chair of the Biotechnology Working Group. "Although all the hybrids available on KBYG have full U.S. regulatory approvals, some traits or combination of traits, may not be approved in each market. Ultimately growers need to ensure grain from these hybrids is marketed properly."

NCGA's policy on biotech hybrid planting and marketing states: "These events must also receive full approval by the relevant U.S. and Japanese regulatory agencies and the product registrant must be aggressively pursuing approval in every country or bloc that requires approval prior to importation of corn, corn products, or food containing corn ingredients."

The Know Before You Grow database can be found at