Official Carolina-Virginia Corn Statistics Come In

Total acreage for corn for grain up, yields down.

Published on: Jan 21, 2008

The Annual Crop Production Summary for 2007 from the National Agricultural Statistics Service was released January 11 and it discloses some interesting facts about corn production in the Carolina-Virginia area during the year. Along with most of the rest of the country, Carolina-Virginia farmers apparently attempted to cash in on the biofuels trend in 2007. The amount of corn planted for grain in the region was impressive and higher in acreage in every state in the region than the year before.

North Carolina farmers planted and harvested over 1 million acres of corn for grain in 2007. They harvested an estimated 1.02 million acres of the crop, which was over 25% more than the 740,000 acres of corn harvested for grain in 2006. In 2005 they harvested 700,000 acres of corn for grain.

In South Carolina farmers also expanded their corn for grain crop. They harvested 370,000 acres of the crop in 2007, compared to 290,000 acres in 2006 and 285,000 acres in 2005.

Virginia growers harvested 405,000 acres of corn for grain in 2007, up from 345,000 acres in 2006 and 360,000 acres in 2005.

West Virginia farmers were more modest in their 2007 corn for grain expansion. They harvested 27,000 acres of corn for grain, just 1,000 acres more than they harvested in 2006 and down from the 28,000 acres of corn for grain they harvested in 2005.

All these corn for grain harvest numbers would have been larger had 2007 yields been better in the region. An extended drought across the Southeast effected yields significantly.

Here are the corn for grain yields in the region as reported by NASS:

• North Carolina growers yielded 100 bushels of corn for grain per acre, compared to 132 bu. in 2006.

• South Carolina growers yielded exactly the same 100 bu/acre as their neighbors to the north, down from 110 bu/ac in 2006.

• Virginia farmers produced just 85 bu/acre, down from 120 bu/acre in 2006.

• West Virginia producers yielded 111 bu/acre in 2007, compared to 120 bu/acre in 2006.

Nationally, the estimate for corn for grain production is 13.1 million bushels. That is up 24% from 2006 and a record high. Across the nation corn yield is estimated at 151.1 bu/acre. That is 2 bu/acre more than 2006 and, after 2004, the second highest yield on record.

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