Nozzle Tracks Fuel Use in Real Time

IPA offers the flow meter nozzle, which can be used with most common fuels.

Published on: May 17, 2013

The trusty fuel nozzle gets an upgrade, at least from Innovate Products of America, with the new Digital Flow Meter Nozzle. Safe for gasoline, diesel and kerosene, the High-Flow Digital Meter Nozzle offers an accurate method of transferring those fuels. The nozzle integrates a digital flow meter into a low profile fuel nozzle. Essentially the folks at IPA have combined a meter and nozzle into a single unit.

The meter display is in direct line of sight with the point of fuel delivery and measures in gallons, liters, quarts or pints. Settings include lifetime tally, which may be calibrated in the field. And there's an inline wire mesh filter that protect the meter and keeps contaminants from getting in your tank. The meter is powered by two AA batteries.

NIFTY NOZZLE: IPA incorporates a digital flow meter right in the fuel nozzle.
NIFTY NOZZLE: IPA incorporates a digital flow meter right in the fuel nozzle.

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