Northern Beef Packers May Open 'Soon'

Aberdeen, S.D., plant hasn't started buying cattle yet – that won't happen until a week or two before start-up.

Published on: Feb 14, 2012

Northern Beef Packers is getting closer to opening.

The new plant at Aberdeen, S.D., will open soon, says Laure Swanson, director of communications.

Construction of the 420,000 square foot building is complete. Processing equipment is being installed.

When the plant opens, plans are to process 200 head a day. The plant has the capacity to processing 1,500 head per day with one shift.

Swanson says the company has not started to buy cattle yet, and that won't until a week or two before opening. But John Demmers, head cattle buyer, is on staff to answer question from producers. He can be reached at 605-262-2333 or

According to the Northern Beef Packers' website, domestic and foreign customers have been visiting the plant and have given commitments to purchase the entire volume of meat producers from a single shift and are already the company to quickly add a second shift to increase volume.

Cattle producers from South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota have responded so enthusiastically to the plant that the company is confident it will have enough high-quality steers and heifers to eventually run two shifts.

According to an independent consulting firm, Agrifood Solutions International, the estimated economic impact this plant will have on the region over five years in $10 million dollars.

Northern Beef Packers has hired 150 people. The company is continuing to take applications for all departments of the processing plant. Approximately 650 people will be hired at full capacity. Applications can be found on Northern Beef Packers website.

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