Northeast Crop Progress: Weather Extremes Dominate

Northeast crops may turn in a near-record year as corn harvest inched toward the halfway mark in the big acreage states.

Published on: Oct 24, 2013

New York
Upstate New York weathered through highly changeable weather with a mix of warm fronts plus cold fronts bringing rain showers. Some 75% of the corn crop was rated good to excellent, but harvest for silage and for grain were off the five-year average, with only 15% of corn for grain harvested.

Soybean crop conditions were rated 76% good to excellent with 44% of the crop harvested – well ahead of the five-year average. Here too, crops have yet to experience a killing frost. So, late-planted crops were still adding to yield and test weights.

Fruit harvest in the Empire State is generally behind the five-year average. But the apple crop is rated 95% good to excellent. Pears were rated 73% good to excellent. Grape quality has been boosted by recent sunny, dry weather, and 99% of the crop was rated good to excellent.

Excellent corn and soybean yields were being reported in some counties while average yields were being reported in others due to recent flooding. Barley and wheat plantings are almost complete. Fourth cutting of alfalfa and apple harvest are almost completed.

Corn crop condition was rated 88% good to excellent, and soybeans were close to that at 89% good to excellent. Some 44% of corn and 45% of soybeans had been harvested.

Wheat and barley emergence are well ahead of last year's and the five-year average. Pasture conditions were rated 59% good to excellent.

A number of counties reported excellent corn and soybean yields. Based on yield checks, Lancaster County expects to have its highest county-wide average corn yield. With the recent rains, several counties reported that soybean drying has slowed and prevented harvest.