North Dakota Seeks Right to Hay, Graze CRP

Gov. Hoeven makes requests to provide flooding relief. Compiled by staff

Published on: Jul 18, 2005

North Dakota governor John Hoeven has asked USDA to open Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) areas, including CP23 lands, for haying and grazing in light of recent excessive rains in the state.

"We are asking that USDA. open CRP lands as soon as possible and make haying and grazing available specifically to those producers in disaster affected areas," Hoeven says. "This small measure can help provide some relief to livestock producers who are struggling to acquire enough feed to maintain their herds."

Gov. Hoeven made the request following a series of statewide community visits he made over the past two weeks to assess damages from recent storms. Most recently he toured flood damaged communities in the state's north central region, where farmers and ranchers have seen farm and pasture land inundated by flooding.

"This action to allow haying would help livestock producers secure feed, since in many cases, their traditional hay and pasture areas are inundated," Gov. Hoeven says.

-- Source: North Dakota governor’s office.