Nominate Your Fellow Cattle Producers for Environmental Award

2006 Environmental Stewardship Award applications available.

Published on: Dec 1, 2005

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association is currently distributing updated applications for the 16th annual Environmental Stewardship Award Program. Any group or organization is eligible to nominate one individual/business who raises or feeds cattle. The deadline for this year's application is March 16, 2006.

"This award program gives cattle producers an opportunity to showcase their innovative on-farm stewardship practices and garners national attention," says Stacey Katseanes, ESAP program director, National Cattlemen's Beef Association. "We're excited to see the new pool of applicants in 2006. Every year, more and more are actively utilizing inventive technologies to further protect and improve the environment and this award draws attention to these folks."

Sponsored by NCBA, Dow AgroSciences and the USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service, ESAP annually recognizes seven regional winners who exhibit outstanding commitment to protecting the environment and improving fish and wildlife habitats while operating profitable cattle operations. Nominees compete for the regional awards based on their home state, and these seven winners compete for the national award.

"This is a great award, and each year the winning families are a remarkable bunch," says NCBA President and Texas producer Jim McAdams. "I encourage producers to take the time out of their busy lives and work with their local organizations regarding the application process- or nominate a fellow cattle producer that exemplifies true stewardship practices."

Members of the National ESAP Selection Committee say the application takes some time to complete and they encourage cattle producers to get their nomination forms and applications in as far in advance of the March 16 deadline as possible. "This program is not just about winning an award; it's also about becoming a vocal advocate for cattle producers' way of life," says McAdams. "These winners will continue to serve as role models and industry spokespersons for years to come."

"The program inspires many operations in our industry to try new techniques utilized by the winners, and it continues to exhibit to the 'urban world' how cattle families who live off the land are the true environmentalists," says Katseanes. "Land stewardship and good business have always gone hand-in-hand, and we are proud to recognize today's modern pioneers."

The ESAP nomination application is now available for download online at: or contact Stacey Katseanes in NCBA's Washington D.C. office at 202-347-0228 to request a copy of the application.