USDA-AMS Cotton Nominations

Deadline Nov. 2 for 24 vacancies on the Advisory Committee on Universal Cotton Standards.

Published on: Oct 30, 2012

USDA, AMS, Cotton & Tobacco Programs is seeking nominations for twenty-four vacancies on the Advisory Committee on Universal Cotton Standards.  The Committee's purposes are to review the American Upland Cotton Standards and to make recommendations to USDA concerning the establishment, revision or change of the standards.  Nominees should have experience with buying and/or selling cotton based on the Universal standards and be able to readily identify the color and leaf grades used in the USDA cotton classing system.

USDA-AMS Cotton Nominations
USDA-AMS Cotton Nominations

All nomination materials should be mailed in a single, complete package and postmarked by November 2, 2012.  All nominations for membership should be sent to:

"Darryl Earnest, Deputy Administrator, USDA, AMS, Cotton & Tobacco Programs, 3275 Appling Road, Memphis, TN 38133,, Attn: Advisory Committee on Universal Cotton Standards."

The USDA has special interest in assuring that women, minority groups, and the physically disabled are adequately represented on these advisory committees.  We encourage and welcome nominations for qualified female, minority, or disabled candidates. 

For more information about the Advisory Committee on Universal Cotton Standards, contact James Knowlton, the Designated Federal Officer

Vacant committee positions include eight producers, four ginners, four merchants, two cooperative representatives and six textile manufacturers.  Additionally, vacant alternate positions will be filled – alternates serve in the event that primary members are unable to serve.  Vacant positions for alternates include four cotton producers, two cotton ginners, two merchants, one cotton cooperative representative and two textile manufacturers.  A minimum of two nominees are being solicited for each member and alternate member position.  To ensure broad representation across the four U.S. cotton growing regions, cotton producer positions (members and alternates) and ginner positions (members) will be filled with equal representation for each region.

The White House Liaison Office is responsible for vetting every candidate applying for membership to the Advisory Committee on Universal Cotton Standards.  Vetting is a comprehensive personal and professional background investigation that specifically includes, but is not limited to, an analysis of each candidate's criminal history, bankruptcy filings, liens and judgments, affiliations and associations, lobbyist status, and prior involvement with USDA.  Appointment to a board or committee by the Secretary of Agriculture requires that each applicant clear all stages of the vetting process, thus ensuring that the finest candidates are selected to represent the interests of the United States Department of Agriculture.

This process is used to ensure that the finest candidates are selected to represent the interests of the United States Department of Agriculture. Individuals and organizations who wish to nominate experts for this or any other USDA advisory committee should submit a letter listing the individual's name and business address, phone, and e-mail contact information.  Nominees may be contacted now or in the future to determine their interest in serving as a committee member.

Candidates seeking consideration for membership on the Advisory Committee on Universal Cotton Standards should submit an AD-755 application form and resume.  The application form and additional information about advisory committees can be found here  or here.