USB Helps Commercialize New Soy-based Products in 2013

United Soybean Board's farmer-funded projects drive advancements in soy chemistry

Published on: Feb 4, 2014

Chemonic SI-7Surfacant – Builds the thickness of personal-care products and stabilizes foam. It is made by Lubrizol Corp.

Schercomid SLL – Thickens personal care products. It is made by Lubrizol Corp.

Schercoquat SOAS-PG – A hair conditioner for personal care products made by Lubrizol Corp.

Quatrex S Conditioning Agent – A conditioning agent for personal-care products,made by Lubrizol Corp.

Amidex S Surfactant – Helps create personal-care products that foam and feel like soap. It is made by Lubrizol Corp.

Chembetaine S-FA Surfactant – Adds special properties for personal-care products. It is manufactured and marketed by Lubrizol Corp.

Chemoxide SO Surfactant – Offsets hard water in household/personal-care products. It is made byLubrizol Corp.

Potassium Soyate – A soy soap with glycerin as a moisturizer, made by Lubrizol Corp.

ACCOSOFT 750 – Used as a fabric softener for laundry products. It is made by Stepan Company.

PETROSTEP Q-50S – A unique ingredient used in oilfields as a down-hole corrosion inhibitor. It is made by Stepan Company.

Emerging Industrial Opportunities
SoBind HARMONY, Impression and CLARITY – Soy polymers that replace harsh synthetic and animal-based ingredients in a variety of products to make the products thicker, smoother and more colorful. They are made by DuPont.

Source: USB