USB Helps Commercialize New Soy-based Products in 2013

United Soybean Board's farmer-funded projects drive advancements in soy chemistry

Published on: Feb 4, 2014

Millenium One Step Green Insulation Adhesive – A soy-based, all-weather adhesive by ADCO used to install flooring.

Elemental – A soy-based wood-composite adhesive that is formaldehyde-free. It is available from States Industries.

PSA35MA – A soy-based material used to coat paperboard. It is made by Applied Protein Systems.   

SUNKOTE AU 4203 and 4240 – Soy-based products that are used as lubricants for paper and paperboard coatings. They are made by Omnova Solutions.

Armeen S – A corrosion inhibitor for oilfields that is made by Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry, LLC.

Ethomeen S/12 – A cleansing surfactant for oilfields and dry cleaning that is made by Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry, LLC.

Arquad SV 60 PG – A foaming, antistatic, emulsifier, wetting agent used in laundry products from Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry.

Larostat 264A – An antistatic material that holds textile products together. It is made by BASF Corp.

Agnique SBO 10 – A soybean oil used in agricultural products, manufactured by BASF Corp.

Comperlan VOD – A thickener for personal-care products from BASF Corp.

Prifac 8953 – An emulsifying agent for household products. It is made by Croda, Inc.

HY-3200 Emulsiyfing Soy Wax – By Dow Corning Corp, a material that allows ingredients in personal-care products to smoothly blend together.

SERADOX NAD 20 – By Elementis Specialties, is an antistatic material for softening and smoothly blending personal-care products.  

LAMCHEM PE-130 K – Improves the taste of food products and also serves as a pressure lubricant on metals. It is made by Lambent Technologies Corp.

Lipovol SOY – Adds a soft, smooth skin-feel to personal care products. It is made by Lipo Chemicals, Inc.