Kinze Stakes Claim to Planter First

Company announces it will roll out a multi-hybrid electric concept planter.

Published on: Dec 10, 2013

Looks like it's time to go beyond just planting with a variable rate as planter makers push out their approach to systems that will allow you you to change hybrids on the go as well. Raven announced its multi-hybrid machine earlier this year, which was a first. Kinze is upping the ante with an electric drive multi-hybrid concept giving it a first as well.

In addition to varying population for specific management zones, the Kinze concept will allow a producer to change seed hybrid or variety too. In a press statement announcing the new machine, Rhett Schildroth, senior product manager at Kinze Manufacturing, notes "the electric multi-hybrid planter will allow farmers to maximize yield in every part of their field, and not have to make compromises. The yield gains in our trials varied from 2 bushels per acre to more than 10 bushels per acre by utilizing multi-hybrid planting."

KINZE FIRST: There are no pictures of Kinzes new electric multi-hybrid concept, but the machine will use the same 4000 series planter units as the machine shown here.
KINZE FIRST: There are no pictures of Kinze's new electric multi-hybrid concept, but the machine will use the same 4000 series planter units as the machine shown here.

Schildroth notes that those yield increases were consistent across several field trials with each showing some kind of yield increase.

The concept planter will built to have two meters on every row and closing wheels will be identical to a standard Kinze 4000 series row unit. The electric seed meters allow the company to orient the meters close together so they feed a single seed tube. The company plans to partner with Midwest farmers in 2014 to showcase the technology in the field on several electric multi-hybrid concept planters.

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