Ag Issues Summit July 20-21 in Monterey

Agriculture Issues - Update is at the Portola Plaza starting 7/20/11 with water regulations emphasis.

Published on: Jul 8, 2011

Plan to attend the 25th anniversary of the Ag Issues Summit to be held in Monterey July 20-21. Attendees include grower groups, industry folks and several county agriculture commissioners. This year, Agrium/CPS and Amvac will be sponsoring the AG Issues Update, golf and the group dinner. The event is also a fund raising event for Ag-In-the-Classroom.


Portola Plaza, Monterey, CA

7/20/11   ---- 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

(Meeting room is reserved)

The program has a broad agenda with multiple topics of interest. However, there will be more emphasis on the proposed water regulations that impact all facets of farming in region 5 and especially in region 3, the Central Coastal Counties. As always, volunteers are welcome to lead discussions on any parts of this meeting.

This is your personal invitation to attend the Ag Issues Summit in Monterey.
This is your personal invitation to attend the Ag Issues Summit in Monterey.

County Officials

Regional Water Boards interaction with County Ag Commissioners/DPR

Enforcement Initiative - Regulatory Changes

What will the CAC's roles be in regulating the Region 3 and 5 Ag Waiver Orders?

Pesticide buffer zones

Pesticide reporting/records requirements

Farm Management Plan

Positive finds of pesticides through monitoring requirements

Mitigation measures for pesticides required by "Order"

Enforcement of pesticide use requirements versus the "Order"

Grower "site" maps for "Tiering 1-3 purposes

Water Board requests for CAC data (acres, pesticides used, environmentally sensitive sites)

Water Board authority versus DPR/CAC pesticide authority

State Associations

Farm Bureau & Western Growers' view of Region 3 & 5 Ag Waiver

Farm Bureau/Ag Coalition "Alternative Proposal" for Region 3 Ag Waiver

CA diesel truck rule impacts; future ag tractor rule

Legislative updates

Grower issues; water, air monitoring program, etc.

Climate Change Initiative – California "Cap and Trade"

California Agriculture in the Class Room

Importance of Agriculture in the Class Room

How to include water/pesticide/nutrient issues into the classroom

AIC curriculum regarding minimization of pollution


What affects the proposed Ag Waivers can have on companies nationally

Nutrient and pesticide footprint (C-4)

Agrium potential mitigation programs

Pyrethroid Working Group updates related to Ag Waiver       


Spray Safe Program Impacts on Water Quality

Pesticide Container Recycling Program

Fumigants – status of EPA/ Re-registration Eligibility Decision

Requirements for 2011/2012

Water issues impacting non-ag pesticide users—Terminix etc.

Reception at 6:00 PM at Portola Plaza

Dinner at 7:00 PM   (TBA)

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