NFU Says Growth Energy's Proposal Good for All Americans

Other groups want to see extension of tax incentives.

Published on: Jul 16, 2010

National Farmers Union says Growth Energy's Fueling Freedom Plan provides an opportunity for all Americans to benefit because there is a significant need for a long-term vision to secure a domestic renewable fuel supply and significantly reduce the nation's reliance on foreign oil. NFU policy supports the expansion of the production of flex-fuel vehicles and the government's purchase and use of flex-fuel vehicles and fueling them with renewable fuels. NFU President Roger Johnson says the plan released by Growth Energy sends a message to the Senate that something needs to be done in the way of energy policy. He says NFU supports the approach and is looking to Congress to move on the issue.

Several other groups, while not opposing the idea put forward by Growth Energy, threw their support behind efforts to extend the current tax incentives. The American Coalition for Ethanol, National Corn Growers Association, National Sorghum Producers and Renewable Fuels Association reaffirmed their support for the Renewable Fuels Reinvestment Act and Green Jobs Act Thursday, two pieces of legislation that would extend existing ethanol tax incentives through 2015. ACE Vice President Brian Jennings says failure by Congress to extend ethanol tax incentives beyond 2010 will result in more jobs lost and reversal of energy independence; two consequences he says the U.S. can't afford.

RFA President Bob Dinneen says now is not the time to add uncertainty and complexity to the energy tax debate because current tax policies to support the evolution of America's ethanol industry have been successful. Sorghum Producers Chairman Gerald Simonsen says continuing the tax incentives is critical to add much needed green jobs throughout rural America. Simonsen states abandoning the credits now will have devastating effects on a growing ethanol industry. Dinneen says due diligence must be done to ensure the right ideas are put together to foster the continued growth of the industry.