NFU President to Testify on Climate Change

Johnson plans to go over same points with Senate as he did with House.

Published on: Jul 22, 2009

Several agricultural leaders will join Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Lisa Jackson as panelists before a Senate Ag Committee hearing Wednesday in Washington. NFU President Roger Johnson will present the organization's climate change priorities and concerns including the following provisions as a starting point for consideration:


• The U.S. Department of Agriculture is granted control and administration of the agricultural and forestry offset program;

• Early actors are fully recognized;

• No artificial cap is placed on domestic offsets;

• Offset credits for carbon sequestration rates are based upon science;

• Producers are permitted to stack environmental benefit credits;

• Establishment of a static baseline; and

• Limiting leakage analysis to the confines of the United States.


Before testifying Johnson spoke with Farm Progress's Jason Vance. Click the audio player above to hear that exclusive conversation.