New Weed Control Tools for Wheat Belt

Bayer introduces OLYMPUS Flex herbicide for grass and broadleaf control. Compiled by staff

Published on: Jun 13, 2005

The Environmental Protection Agency has registered Bayer’s OLYMPUS Flex for control of 19 grasses and a host of broadleaf weeds in winter wheat for the 2006 crop.

The announcement gives wheat producers another tool to fight cheat, downy brome, Japanese brome, wild oat and annual ryegrass. Bayer says the new compound also gives partial control of jointed goatgrass.

OLYMPUS Flex, is the fourth new wheat herbicide introduced by Bayer for wheat since 2004, and offers increased flexibility in various farming management schemes, say company officials.

OLYMPUS Flex is effective at three ounces per acre in the fall or spring when grass weeds are in one-leaf to the two-tiller stage, and before broadleaf weeds are two inches in diameter. Up to 3.5 ounces per acre may be used in one application under more adverse conditions.

Bayer says when using crop stage to time the treatment, OLYMPUS Flex should be used before jointing when the majority of wheat plants have one leaf (fully expanded first true leaf) to a maximum of six total leaves on the main stem, plus any number of tillers.

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Be certain to check with your state’s registration agency for up-to-date status on availability of OLYMPUS Flex.