New Website Helps Farmers Monitor Climate Legislation

ACMWG hopes to educate farmers about the potential environmental and monetary benefits of a carbon credits.

Published on: Apr 28, 2008

The Ag Carbon Markets Working Group launched a new website ( this week to help farmers understand potential legislation for establishing some sort of system for carbon credits.

"Our website will help farmers better understand the value of agriculture offsets like methane capture and soil carbon sequestration," says ACMWG coordinator Laura Sands. "This is an opportunity for the ag community to find new revenue streams that help their pocket books while protecting the environment."

The website also introduces a radio ad that features farmers calling on Congress to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emission through carbon offsets. The ad will be airing in markets across the United States over the coming weeks.

According to ACMWG, current estimates of U.S. greenhouse gas markets indicated U.S. farms have the potential to mitigate as much as 40 percent of our nation's total climate impact with practices such as soil carbon sequestration or methane capture.

"Congress has some pretty important decisions ahead of them and farmers can play a crucial role," Sands says. "ACMWG wants to ensure farmers have a seat at the table when the Farm Bill is negotiated. Our website is a resource-driven site that hopes to pull all the material about ag offsets into one location to make it as easy as possible for interested parties to learn more."

ACMWG was developed through a process of collaboration between the Environmental Defense Fund, concerned farmers and industry experts. ACMWG has spent two years studying and addressing potential carbon offset markets for agriculture that could result from national policy and works cooperatively with other entities interested in seeing carbon markets for agriculture.