New Online Publication Provides Soybean Rust Information

Soybean Rust Management in the Mid-Atlantic Region now available.

Published on: Oct 25, 2006

A new online publication, Soybean Rust Management in the Mid-Atlantic Region, offers farmers a resource where they can find the latest information to deal with Asian Soybean Rust. The online publication is hosted on the South Carolina Department of Agriculture's site. Farmers, plant disease professionals and anyone else with an interest in soybean rust can download the publication from the host site by pointing their web browers at  

The online resource is a collaborative effort by professionals at Clemson University, N.C. Cooperative Extension, Virginia Cooperative Extension, the S.C. Soybean Board, the S.C. Department of Agriculture and the University of Georgia extension. It covers all aspects of soybean rust in the U.S. including its history, identification, movement, and management.

First discovered in the U.S. in 2004, Asian Soybean rust made its greatest advances yet into the Carolinas this year. According to the North American Plant Disease Forecast Center, a N.C. State University based web page, there were 18 locations where soybean rust touched down in South Carolina this year and 17 more locations in North Carolina.

So far the disease has occurred too late in the season in the Mid-Atlantic states to cause great economic damage. In South American countries, however, the disease has sometimes caused devastating losses to soybean growers. U.S. experts are concerned a serious outbreak could happen here, too.

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