New Low-Linolenic Soybean Enters Market

DuPont, Bunge introduce new soybean oil that eliminates trans fat, similar to Monsanto's VISTIVE line. Compiled by staff

Published on: Oct 6, 2004

Another competitor is entering the effort to preserve the U.S. soybean oil market by reducing or eliminating trans fatty acids.

Pioneer, a subsidiary of DuPont, and Bunge Limited announced a new soybean oil that features oil with a low linolenic acid profile of less than 3% and offers better natural stability and increased shelf life. When used for frying, low linolenic oil eliminates the need for partial hydrogenation. Recently Monsanto announced an agreement with Ag Processors and Cargill with it's low-linolenic soybean, VISTIVE.

The oil will be marketed as NUTRIUM Low Lin Soybean Oil. It will be the first product sold under the NUTRIUM brand, which was created as part of an alliance between Bunge and DuPont. NUTRIUM Low Lin comes from Pioneer variety 93M20. Bunge will manage marketing and distribution of NUTRIUM Low Lin to food service providers and food processors, who, in 2003, used more than 5 billion pounds of frying oil. The industry has been looking for alternative oils because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will require the inclusion of trans fats on food nutrition labels in 2006.

Pioneer variety 93M20 is the first commercially available low-linolenic soybean product variety with yield and weed control options that are competitive with the best soybean varieties on the market. In addition to having the popular Roundup Ready herbicide resistance trait, the variety comes to the market with three years of performance data.

Additional quantities of the oil will be available this fall for use in product development and testing. Bunge expects to produce roughly 20 million pounds from the 2005 crop and have full-scale commercial availability, nearly 1 billion pounds, by 2009.

Contracts for growing Pioneer brand 93M20 will be available this fall to U.S. Midwest farmers in select areas. Those interested should contact Pioneer at 800-247-6803, extension 7014. Food companies interested in learning more about NUTRIUM Low Lin should contact Bunge at 800-828-0800.