New Fungicide Gets EPA Registration and Herbicide Gets Brand Name

The EPA grants a Section 3 registration for Valent's Domark Fungicide, Syngenta is calling its new herbicide for GT corn "Halex GT."

Published on: Apr 16, 2007

The Environmental Protection Agency has granted Valent U.S.A. Corporation's Domark Fungicide Section 3 registration. The products aims to protect soybeans from diseases such as frogeye, purple seed stain, brown spot and Asian soybean rust.

With the Section 3 registration, Domark is fully registered and can be used for broad spectrum disease control in soybeans.

Syngenta Crop Protection also has a new product, an herbicide for use in glyphosate-tolerant corn production. Now that product has the brand name "Halex GT." The company says that Environmental Protection Agency registration for Halex GT is expected in time for a full commercial launch in 2008.