New Farm Show Eye-Catchers Await!

More than 425 New York Farm Show exhibitors will roll out a host of new products, technologies and services.

Published on: Jan 18, 2012

More than 425 New York Farm Show exhibitors will roll out a host of new products, technologies and services. We can't begin to list here all new products. But here are details on 36 products, submitted by exhibitors, that may tickle your curiosity.

Print out the list, and circle ones you're most interested seeing – here and on the NYFS building maps also posted on this website. Then bring your copy to the show. At the end of each item, you'll find their location. The building codes are: CP (Center of Progress), HT (Horticultural Building), I (International Pavilion), and D (Dairy Center).

Automated feed pusher
Lely is adding the Juno 100 feed pusher to its dairy automation lineup.  Smaller than the 150, it's designed for narrower feeding alleys. Booth: HT-B93.

Barn lighting systems
Orion Energy introduces BarnLiter and NiteLighter systems, now UL listed for wet locations and IP67 certified. Provides up to 50% energy savings over typical lighting. Includes long-day lighting. Suggested retail: BarnLiter at $203 to $302 depending on model. Booth: D-579

Calf feeding bags
APC's Perfect Udder Technology delivers a clean and fast way to feed newborn calves. Its quick-mix colostrum, milk replacer or supplement is packaged in one-serving bags, diminishing the risk of maternal disease transfer or cross-contamination. Booth: D-607.

Castration bander
Callicrate Banders unveils its next generation of humane bloodless castration with the Callicrate "Wee" bander. Designed for newborn livestock, it ensures proper tensioned ligation. Booth: D-816.

Conventional alfalfa seed
Dairyland Seed's Magnum 7 alfalfa is a 2012 release with outstanding yields and exceptional forage quality. Booth: CP-402.

Cow temperature bolus
Dairy Cheq's Bella Ag electronic temperature bolus reads cow core body temperatures and sends the data to a computer data base. Above normal temps are reported via an alert list. Suggested retail: System starts at $3,325. Booth: D-514.

Double-chain conveyer
Kelly Manufacturing offers a new heavy-duty chain where 24-7 operation is needed, such as in moving fiber from manure composters and presses. Booth: CP-HH.

Electric trailer tarp
Shur-Co's 4500 series tarp system for trailers is metal-encased with a patent-pending motor and a brake not requiring electricity to activate. Booth: D-617.

Flagpole solar light
Northeast Flagpole Company's new Titan solar light has four high-output American-made solar panels imbedded in an aluminum top plate. It automatically operates dusk-to-dawn. Suggested retail: $159. Booth: CP-184.

Forage windrow treatment
Poly Excel's Raincoat is a mold preventive applied on windrows to prevent mold and soften alfalfa and clover for better dry matter recovery and leaf retention. Booth: HT-378.

Fruit and produce crates         
Stick-N-Stack Country Wood Products offers large skid-sized and small wood fruit and produce crates made of quality hardwood and hardware. Suggested retail: $50 per box. Booth: CP-218.

Group one soybean variety
Seedway's SG1711 soybean is a late group one variety with superior yield potential and a defensive package for white mold and brown stem rot. Booth: HT-375A.

Heavy-duty truck
Milton CAT's CT660 truck is a machine for all demanding purposes – move rock and transport everything form harvested logs to heavy equipment. Engine options include 330 to 390 h.p., 410 to 475 h.p., and 435 to 550 h.p. Booth: D-ND.

Hydration pellets
TechMix's Bovine Bluelife Pellets helps reduce the impact of cow dehydration during times of stress such as freshening, heat stress or disease challenges. Suggested retail: $52 per 50-pound bag. Booth: D-739.

Manure storage covers
Industrial and Environmental Concepts is introducing agricultural liners and covers for manure storage ponds, lagoons and tanks. Booth: D-740.

Milking pulsator
Boumatic's new HiFlo Evolution pulsator has a robust design with only eight parts. Key advantages include low-cost service, easy installation and rugged durability. Booth: HT-E7.

Oilseed press
Energrow's ES3750B oilseed pressing system is a fully-automated farm-scaled expeller to make pressed meal and value-added, cold-pressed oil. Suggested retail: $29,900. Booth: HT-371.

Planter metering system
Growmark FS offers Precision Planting's V-Set vacuum meter system to improve singulation. Offers longer wear life and grater seed flexibility than competitive systems. Booth: D-701.

Portable band sawmill
Norwood Industries is adding optional hydraulic and power functions to its LumberMate Pro MX34. Options include hydraulic log loaders, turning, clamping and more. Suggested retail: Starts at $6,995. Booth: CP-118.

Precision ag display
Ag Leader Technology's new Versa display handles precision functions ranging from built-in manual guidance to automated steering and real-time data logging to full-screen mapping to yield monitoring. Features four video camera inputs. Suggested retail: $2,195. Booth: CP-H

Precision machine software
Claas of America introduces EASY (Efficient agricultural systems by Claas), with unified components for on-board combine control, in-field productivity, equipment monitoring and diagnostics, plus software solutions for the farm. Booth: CP-Claas.

Reel feed mixer
Kuhn rolls out its redesigned RC200 commercial reel mixer with an optional open-concept Helix reel for faster, more consistent mixing and load leveling. A heavy-duty drive option offers extended life for mixing the heaviest feedstuffs via low horsepower in truck, trailer and stationary models. Booth: CP-B.

Remote engine controller
Sunova Worx's controller lets you monitor and adjust RPMs of your manure pit pump engine while running drag-hose or tanker operations. LCD display allows adjustment and shutdown in a 1.8-mile operating range. Booth: D-732.

Rotary corn head
D.F.E. is marketing the 2012 AE50 award winning Dion three- and four-equivalent row rotary corn heads for pull-type forage harvesters. Uses only two chains to convey crop and drive the drums, without augers. Attachments fit a number of chopper brands. Suggested retail: Starts at $18,500. Booth: D-LD

Rumen bypass lysine
Jefo's Lysine 35 is a rumen-protected bypass lysine product for dairy cows. Booth: D-750.

RTK tower
Outback Guidance offers an affordable tower installation kit for RTK precision guidance systems for a range of up to 18 miles. Includes antennae, tower mount, transmitter and cables. Suggested retail: $8,000. Booth: CP-123.

Self-propelled hay merger
The Oxbo Model 4334 is a 34-ft. wide merger with three front-mounted pickup heads and 4WD powered by a 6.8-liter, 250 h.p. Deere engine. It folds to a transport width just under 10 feet wide. Suggested retail: $336,000. Booth: D-OXBO.

Small animal working system
Hanova Hills Livestock offers the new Rancher's tub and alley handling system from Powder River. It features a 90-degree rounded tub and 10 feet of adjustable alley, made of two-inch high-tensile steel and with a 72-inch high barrier.  And it's engineered to set up quickly and still fit in the pickup bed. Booth: D-539.

Smart stove
Heatmor's new 400-4S is a stainless steel outdoor firewood burner that's an EPA-qualified phase II furnace capable of burning seasoned and unseasoned firewood via an electronically controlled airflow. Has ceramic-lined firebox plus over/under forced air. Suggested retail: $13,495. Booth: D-ID

SmartStax RIB hybrids
Channel is releasing Genuity SmartStax Rib complete hybrids, it's first single-bag refuge solution. Booth: HT-365.

Solid-core structural panels
EPS Buildings introduces solid core structural insulated panels for floors, walls and roofs. EPS foam is sandwiched between two skins of ODB or plywood. Panels have R18 to R49 values. Booth: D-716.

Trailer sprayer
Iva Manufacturing's Iva500 sprayer has a heavy-duty Air-Ride boom system, and is loaded with Topcon precision controls for automatic rate adjustment and guidance. Suggested retail: $18,000. Booth: HT-94.

Truck tire sidewalls for silos
M. Meyers is offering 100% nylon, bias-ply truck-tire sidewalls for bunker silos. Suggested retail: $2.50 per sidewall. Booth: D-710.

Vertical mixer
Patz rolls out its 1200 series single-screw vertical mixer in four sizes handling up to 690 cubic feet. Its Vortex screw mixes a consistent  blend without compromising feed quality. Booth: CP-J.

Waterproof boots
Bag Man introduces its new Aqua Terra rubber boots, made for sloshing and slippery environments in comfort. Made with chemical- and oil-resistant nitrile soles and Skwee-G tread, plus steel toes. Available in 13- and 16-inch heights. Booth: D-640.

Zero-turn mower
Precision Works' new Walker mower is a ride-on, front-cutting, zero-turn power system with deck sizes of 36 to 74 inches. Optional attachments include 36- and 42-inch snow blowers and dozer blade. Booth: D-593.

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