New Cotton Nematicide Wins Label

Bayer CropScience announced Monday that Aeris now is labeled for seed-applied control of nematodes, aphids, thrips and early-season fleahoppers.

Published on: Nov 20, 2006

Producers have a new bullet to shoot at those elusive microscopic creatures that rob cotton yield: Aeris, a new insecticide/nematicide.

Bayer CropScience, well-known as the makers of Temik, announced Monday that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency granted a label for Aeris.

According to Bayer, the Aeris seed-applied system offers broad-spectrum protection from all major early season insects and nematodes. Depending on local conditions, the company says Aeris provides up to 28 days of thrips protection; up to 42 days of aphid protection; suppression of early season fleahoppers and plant bugs; and up to 28 days of nematode protection for farms with low to moderate populations.

University research data from 2005-06 indicate that Aeris can play a role in improving plant health and protecting cotton yields.

"With Aeris, we've seen enhanced root mass, root depth and leaf area," said Chris Kleyla, Bayer's product manager for Aeris and Temik. "These factors all correlate to potential yield increases."

For the 2007 season, growers can request Aeris through the major cottonseed companies or by contacting their local Bayer CropScience field representative.

Additional pest control, plant response and yield data will be presented at the upcoming 2007 Beltwide Cotton Conferences, Jan. 9-12 in New Orleans.