New Bayer Cotton Varieties Fit Southeast, Mid-Atlantic States

Top yield potential in these cotton picks.

Published on: Feb 23, 2009

Several new cotton varieties from Bayer CropScience will be available in 2009 and three of these new releases are good fits for the Southeast says the company.

First up is FM 1845LLB2, which Bayer notes is an easy-to-manage variety of medium maturity. It is listed as having good adaptation across the Mid-South, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Jeff Brehmer, U.S. marketing manager for Stoneville and FiberMax brands points out this variety consistently out yielded FM 1735LLB2 by more than 100 pounds per acre in trials. As pointed out by a company press release, FM 1845LLB2 will bring "trademark FiberMax quality to Southeast cotton growers."

The variety will also bring the valuable LibertyLink trait, which allows growers to spray Ignite herbicide over it for control of 120 species of weeds and grasses. Special note should be given to the fact that these controlled weeds include glyphosate-resistant pigweed and marestail.

ST 4288B2F is a new early-to-mid maturing variety that is adapted to the Mid-South, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic growing regions. It performs well in both irrigated and dryland conditions.

The company also notes ST 4288B2F matures earlier than Stoneville's ST 45554B2F and has often out yielded this variety in trials. It produces cotton with the potential for premium length, strength and uniformity.

Another new possibility in the Mid-South, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions is Stoneville's new ST 5288B2F, a medium-maturing variety. The company points out this new variety has excellent seedling vigor and sets a high level of fruiting nodes.

A fourth new release from the company, FM 9160B2F, is adapted to the Southwest region.

"Careful in-season management plus an aggressive, timely defoliation program will reward growers with maximum yield and fiber quality potential," the company says.

"The bottom line is, these varieties have yielded and graded well under rigorous testing," says Brehmer. "Growers who choose them have an excellent chance to harvest profitable cotton."

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