Nebraska Pine Ridge Ranger District Taking Fencing Material Applications

Materials are available for interior fences on fire-damage land owned by the Forest Service or private land adjacent to Forest Service property.

Published on: Sep 23, 2013

Funding has recently become available and a limited amount of materials were purchased to re-build fences lost in the 2012 fires.

According to Nebraska Forest Service officials, materials are available for both interior fences owned by the Forest Service and privately owned fences that are adjacent to Forest Service Lands.

For fences that are privately owned, but adjacent to Forest Service lands, requests for materials will be taken through Oct. 18 at the Pine Ridge Ranger District, south of Chadron, says Clint Phillips of the Nebraska Forest Service. Eligible landowners can sign a participatory agreement with the US Forest Service, and fence materials would be provided to the landowner at no cost to re-build his or her fences that are adjacent to Forest Service lands.

Nebraska Pine Ridge Ranger District Taking Fencing Material Applications
Nebraska Pine Ridge Ranger District Taking Fencing Material Applications

Landowners are then responsible for installation of the fence according to Forest Service specifications. Work must be completed by a mutually agreed-upon deadline. 

Following a final satisfactory inspection, the landowner assumes ownership of the fences, including responsibility for on-going maintenance, Phillips says.

Fence material is also available to rebuild interior fences. Often these fences are required for management of permitted livestock. Permittees need to work with the Forest Service to build fences based on Forest Service specifications and to stay in compliance with their grazing permits.

There is a limited amount of fencing materials, so not all applicants may get approved, Phillips says. Forest Service officials will work with landowners and permittees to provide guidance for any necessary timber clearing.

Visit the Pine Ridge Ranger District for more information or to apply.

Interested persons may also call the office at 308-432-0300, or visit

Range recovery meeting
The Oct. 9-10 Nebraska Section of the Society for Range Management meeting in Ainsworth will address the subject of range recovery after wildfire and drought.

On Wednesday, October 9, speakers will address a variety of topics related to fire, including "2012 Wildfires in Nebraska," "Recovery after Past Fires in the Chadron Area," and "Introduction to the Great Plains Fire Science Exchange."

Results from the first year of research involving patch-burning and grazing and the initial results of research involving prairie grouse and wind farm interaction will be presented.

On Oct. 10, participants will tour the Al Steuter Ranch and the Niobrara Valley Preserve to observe first-hand how grassland that burned in the 2012 Niobrara Valley fire has recovered.

The meeting will be held at the Ainsworth Conference Center. Registration costs are $50 if received by September 27 and $60 at the door. Registration forms are available on the Nebraska Section, SRM website. For more information, visit the Nebraska Section SRM website or contact Bob Broweleit (