Nebraska LEAD Group Travels To Southeast Asia

International seminar enabled twenty nine LEAD Fellows to view economic and cultural trends in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Published on: Feb 13, 2013

Twenty nine Nebraska LEAD 31 Fellows recently returned from the 2013 International Study/Travel Seminar to Hong Kong, Vietnam and Taiwan.

"Our international study is designed to provide first-hand appreciation and understanding of our international community and the potential for people of all nations to work together," says Terry Hejny, Nebraska LEAD program director and group leader.

During the Jan. 12-24 seminar, LEAD Fellows attended briefings at the U.S. Consulate offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and met with American business, agricultural trade and commodity groups. Additionally, LEAD Fellows were able to meet with officials at the Hanoi University of Agriculture, the Vietnam Farmers Union and the Taiwan Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan.

Nebraska LEAD Group Travels To Southeast Asia
Nebraska LEAD Group Travels To Southeast Asia

"The people-to-people encounters provided the members of Nebraska LEAD Group 31 an opportunity to view characteristics, conditions and trends of Hong Kong, Vietnam and Taiwan and determine relationships to issues and situations in our country," Hejny says. "Through this experience participants develop techniques in identifying comparisons and contrasts of the countries we recently studied in areas such as politics, economics, religion, culture and history as well as technology, trade, food, art and philosophy."

LEAD 31 Fellows that participated in alphabetical order are: Sondra Anderson, Harrisburg; David Bray, Omaha; Brandon Carter, Gothenburg; Brock Elsen, Sumner; Josh Fries, Imperial; Jeff Henn, Omaha; Chandra Horky, Sargent; Jerad Hutchens, Lincoln; Tom Jasnoch, Ogallala; Tony Johanson, Oakland; Suzanna Klaasmeyer, Hershey; Sara Lemburg, Ewing; Matt Miller, Mitchell; Sean Minahan, Plattsmouth; Gerri L. Monahan, Lincoln; Brian Mumm, Geneva; Nathan Oligmueller, Alliance; Tracy

Olson, North Platte; David Pandorf, Callaway; Todd Reed, Lincoln; Jeremy Reineke, Gretna; Ryan Reuter, Minatare; Kurt Rewinkel, Wakefield; Joe Richeson, Gothenburg; Jim Schneider, Aurora; Rochelle Schoneberg, Sutton; Jeff Stuehmer, Lincoln; Desiree Wineland, Cambridge; and Michael Wisnieski, Omaha.

The Nebraska LEAD Program includes men and women, currently active in production agriculture and agribusiness and is a two-year leadership development program under the direction of the Nebraska Agricultural Leadership Council, in cooperation with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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