N.D. Ethanol Plants Begin Checkoff

Biorefiners will voluntarily contribute 3/100ths of 1 cent per gallon of ethanol produced and sold in the state, but they will have a long way to go before their contributions match corn growers'.

Published on: Apr 21, 2010

North Dakota Corn Growers may be getting a little help promoting ethanol in the future.

The North Dakota Ethanol Council announced today that its members have established a voluntary checkoff on ethanol production. The five ethanol plants in the state, which produce $350 million gallons of ethanol, will contribute 3/100ths of a cent per gallon of ethanol produced and sold in the North Dakota to fund research, education, promotion and market development programs. The checkoff may raise $100,000 annually.

"We're glad ethanol producers will be helping promote ethanol," said Tom Lilja, executive director of the North Dakota Corn Utilization Council, at a press conference announcing the ethanol checkoff.

The corn checkoff in North Dakota is ¼ of 1% of the value of corn sold in the state and generates approximately $1.7 million annually.

Blender pumps
At the press conference, Gov. John Hoeven – who also is a candidate for the U.S. Senate  – said that 93 new blender pumps are "in the pipeline," thanks to a new state incentive program that provides retailers with cost-share grants of up to $5,000 per pump.
"Blender pumps give consumers more choice for their vehicles, and they give ethanol producers larger markets for their product," Hoeven said.

He  also noted his support for E15 and blender tax credit.

"Approving E15 will help the nation meet the goals of the Renewable Fuel Standard and open the market for emerging second-generation biofuels. Most importantly, it will help to promote greater energy independence for America and greater security for future generations of Americans."