NCGA Urges Growers to Make Grain Bin Safety a Priority

Educational materials on bin safety are available.

Published on: Oct 8, 2010

The National Corn Growers Association is reminding growers to make grain bin safety a priority this harvest. With harvest in full swing across the country, NCGA has joined with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to remind farmers of the dangers of grain bin entrapment. Thirty-eight grain bin entrapment incidents were reported nationwide last year and studies show the number continues to rise each year. Fortunately, NCGA President Bart Schott says bin engulfment can be prevented.

OSHA recommends never entering a grain bin but the following grain-bin entry procedures could help save a life:
1. Stay out if possible. Develop a "zero entry" mentality.
2. If you must enter, don't do it alone.
3. Before entering, ensure the entrant and observer are trained properly.
4. Follow and post entry permit.
5. Lockout unloading equipment before entering.
6. Secure the lifeline properly.

NCGA with the help of OSHA and several ag organizations is now equipped with safety DVDs, bin-entry procedure safety tips and fact sheets. They also have a link to more information on bin safety on their Web site at